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WHAT IS An online Referral System?

Rewind to the 1970’s, back in the day when “going viral” went viral, yet nobody had ever heard the term before…

There was this shampoo commercial that did go viral, perhaps you remember it?

After the gal in the commercial used the shampoo, she loved it! And she told her 2 friends about it and they told 2 friends and they told 2 friends and the rest is history!

Fast forward to 2023. Maybe you’d like to to do this with your business and with your customers!

But How?

Telephone Cans

Back in the good ol’ days when kids used to play outside, a favorite game to play was telephone with a couple of cans and some string.

Well,the desire for communication is just as strong today as it was then, maybe even more so.

Every dang one of us as business owners and entrepreneurs knows that our income is tied to our customers…

When we make the decision to grow our own customer list and stop allowing Big Tech to own it…

Then we can do what one of the most famous musical singing groups of all time did. Paul McCartney from The Beatles said this in a recent interview…

“We sat down to write a new song and John was having an extension built onto his house at the time and I jokingly said to him; “‘Okay! Today let’s write a swimming pool!’ It was great motivation!” ~ Paul McCartney

Swimming PoolWhen we own and grow our customer list, they become our “fan base” just like The Beatles had.

“But how do I grow my customer list? you might ask.

It’s really simple, when you buy the Referral Generator™ we beautifully design a custom QR Code card which has your special offer on it.

For instance, let’s say you would like to offer $5 OFF the total purchase today. When your customer is ready to make a purchase, they see your special offer by the checkout. 

If they don’t see it, make sure and point it out to them!$5 OFF

Simply ask, would you like $5 OFF today for joining our email list? We would like to send you future discounts, deals and special offers when we have them. 

Of course, most customers will be happy to join your list! They scan the QR Code as you see here and a form pops up asking for their name, email and mobile# and that’s it. 

Once they enter their information, they’ll receive an email message that has their coupon in it. They just show it to you to verify they signed up.

Now you’re growing your list that only you own!! 

And what are the songs you will be writing? 

What’s going to be the next big release to your fan base that will bring them in to your business, hungry for more?

Your ‘songs’ are the discounts, deals and special offers that you send them!

And when they see your amazing offers, they’re going to want to shout it from the rooftops!

They’ll tell their 2 friends about it and they’ll tell their 2 friends about it and in no time at all, your customer list begins growing exponentially!! 

Just like the original 1970’s shampoo commercial!

They’re gonna play your ‘song’ over and over and over again!!

Strawberry Fields Forever!

REferrals Are the keys to growth...

referral keysThis is how simple it really is…just like putting the key into the lock to open the door.

Once your customer scans your QR Code and enters into your growing customer list…

They’ll receive an an automatic text asking them if they would like to refer a friend.

The best use case with this has been when an owner gives an additional bounce back coupon offer, like another $5 OFF for each friend they refer who comes in and makes a purchase.

When your customer, the connector, clicks the link to refer their friend, (because they’re so excited to earn another $5 OFF) a similar form will display, much like the form they previously filled out to be on your customer list.

Now they fill in the name of the referral; their friend with their name, email and mobile#.

You immediately get notified of this new lead and now you are off and running with a new lead who will hopefully become a new customer, a new ‘fan.’

Your customer; the connector who referred this new lead to you will get an automatic email, thanking them for sharing your business with one of their friends.

It also invites them to encourage their friend to come in and make a purchase and receive their $5 OFF coupon, so they as the connector can receive their new $5 OFF coupon.

All of these instructions will be in detail to both your connector and your new lead.

Your new lead will also receive an email, welcoming them to your business along with a $5 OFF coupon of their own.

Oh how sweet the songs!

Now You have a true referral machine...

Yes, the Referral Generator™ is our unique approach to a real problem...

The same problem that has existed for years…

How do I let other people know I’m here?

How do I grow my customer list without it costing me a fortune in advertising?

By word of mouth, that’s how!

I am super excited for you to use this system along with your own dynamic QR Code card, initially growing your list with your current customers.

With the Referral Generator™, your customer list can grow exponentially when they start referring their friends to jump on board and grow your list quickly.

They go hand in hand, like Batman and Robin or Mickey and Minnie, if you know what I mean.

We all have friends, and whenever we come across something that’s really wonderful, the first thing we want to do is to tell others about it!

Referral Generator™ works so well that I believe it will work to turbocharge your efforts to growing your list through:

  • more social proof – let them tell their facebook friends
  • public trust – everyone trusts their friends
  • gain a healthy customer right from day one…

Now’s the time to boost your bottom line profits and skyrocket your revenue!

referral text

Here's everything you get:

Custom QR Code Card ($197 Value) this QR Code Card is specially designed with your business name, logo and colors and a dynamic QR code for your customers to scan allowing you to grow your customer list! It has the special offer you’re willing to giveaway in exchange for your customers name, email and mobile# so you can share with them your special offers throughout the year! Once your customer scans your special offer (for instance $5 OFF your total today) they are immediately and automatically updated to your customer list! Your customer receives a text immediately giving them the verification they need to redeem their coupon with you. This also let’s you as the business owner know that your customer list was just updated with this new name. Your discounts, deals and special offers are your ‘songs’ to your growing customer list, used to create skyrocketing revenues!

Instant Referral Request Series ($297 Value) sent as a text immediately to your customer once they redeem your Instant Coupon. Includes an incentive discount coupon in exchange for their friend’s contact information. Once they have submitted the information they are sent a Thank You email with instructions on how they can redeem their coupon. They are sent a series of subsequent emails inviting them to encourage the friend they referred to come in and make a purchase so they both may enjoy their special offer.

Custom Branded Referral Form ($250 Value) includes your business logo and colors. This is the form that is sent to your customer via text and email if they wish to refer a friend. They simply click the link in the text and/or email and fill in the custom form fields with the information of their friend and hit submit. They can click the link as many times as they’d like to refer as many friends as possible in order to receive another discount from you! The only way they can redeem their coupons though, they have to get their referral friends to come and make a purchase with you first. It’s a win-win!

Email to Admin ($97 Value) alerts manager or owner that one of your customers has sent a referral to your establishment. Your Welcome email is sent automatically to them inviting this new lead to your business to redeem their coupon.

Email To New Lead ($97 Value) sent to your new lead after your customer sends their referral infomation. They will receive a Welcome message from your business inviting them to come in and redeem their coupon or discount offer. They will receive a series of subsequent emails inviting them to come and see your establishment and check out your goods and services or your wonderful cuisine! The email also reminds them that “your friend who referred you will not be able to redeem the coupon they got for referring you until you have come in and redeemed the one you received first.”

BONUS: 12 Holiday Template Emails ($197 Value) one for every month of the year! How about having a way to have instant ‘songs’ almost written entirely for you allowing you to interact with your customers every month through discounts, deals and special offers surrounding these amazing holidays! All the subject lines are ready to go with full bodied text, they just need your amazing offer and voila! Increased Sales!

No Setup Fee! ($250 Value) as you might imagine, it takes work to set this up for you on our end. However, for a very limited time, we are waiving any setup fees.

Cancel Anytime Guarantee! I happily expect this program will work for you and bring you fantastic results; however, sometimes, you may not feel the same way. If you are unhappy for any reason, log in to your account and cancel before your next renewal. No contracts, no fuss!

A $1,385 Value
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