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Rewind to the year 2015, not all that long ago…

Online reviews were nice to have, but not mandatory. Today, they are so important that they have a ‘new name’:
Online Reputation Management.

…And it’s really a mix of monitoring, promoting, and suppressing. It can be a full-time job.

Here’s the thing…

You’re seen as “weak sauce” if you’re in the public square and don’t have good reviews.

And not just any reviews…

They should be a healthy mix of older and new reviews.

They matter, and it’s your online reputation that matters when it comes to building trust.

Your online reputation greatly affects the following activities:

  • revenue
  • brand image
  • visibility
  • credibility &
  • perceived customer care…


It’s not only a pain but has now become a necessity.
Yet, how?
How can you make the process more consistent for every customer who spends their hard-earned money with you? That’s been the question since their beginning.

There’s Got To Be a Better Way

I have a long-time client that I have spent considerable time working on ways to get consistent reviews. 

That is until I figured out a better way… Now, they roll in regularly. 272 reviews and counting. It’s like clockwork.

NOW, You can have real reviews™

Yes, Real Reviews™ is our unique approach to a real problem...

I have worked on Real Reviews™ for several months to perfect it for my clients.

I am now releasing the beta version of Real Reviews™ for a meager price of just $497 annually… and I’m even waiving the $250 setup fee for a limited time.

I am super excited to use this along with a dynamic QR Code that allows your customer to jump on board and grow your list quickly.

They go hand in hand, like sugar & spice or salt & pepper, if you know what I mean.

Real Reviews™ works so well that I believe it will work to turbocharge your list-building efforts through:

  • more social proof
  • public trust
  • healthy reputation management…

To boost your bottom line profits to a brand new level.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Again, I’m waiving the setup fee! Hurry, though; this is a limited-time offer, and we’ll raise the price in the future. What are you waiting for? Finally, take control of your online reputation with Real Reviews™!

radio or newspaper advertising

Here's everything you get:

Custom QR Code Card ($197 Value) this QR Code Card is specially designed with your business name, logo and colors and a dynamic QR code for your customers to scan allowing you to grow your customer list! It has the special offer you’re willing to giveaway in exchange for your customers name, email and mobile# so you can share with them your special offers throughout the year! Once your customer scans your special offer (for instance $5 OFF your total today) they are immediately and automatically updated to your customer list! Your customer receives a text immediately following their purchase requesting them to leave a review of their experience.

Instant Review Me Text Series ($147 Value) a text series begins immediately to your customer once they redeem your Instant Coupon. Includes incentive discount coupon in exchange for their review. These texts are spaced over a few hours to days, depending on how quickly they respond and leave their review. Once they’ve left a review, the text series is updated and automatically stops the series.

Email Review Request Series ($147 Value) this email series is sent beginning one hour after customer redeems your Instant Coupon. Logic based, only goes out if your customer hasn’t submitted their review. Includes the same incentive discount coupon in exchange for their review.

Custom Branded Review Page ($250 Value) includes your business logo and colors. If visited by your customer, asks the simple question: How did we do today? Urges them to leave a review in the event they somehow missed your previous messages. They simply click the link in the text and/or email and follow the prompts for leaving their 4 or 5 star review. We have another form that takes care of all 3 star reviews and below so they don’t trash your total review score!

Google Reviews Shown on Reviews Page ($75 Value) automatically grows and populates with your Google reviews. Shows your social proof to all the community. 

Custom Split Review System ($97 Value) automatically redirects customers on all 3-star and below reviews to your own Custom Review Form for feedback and follow-up by your business. These low-star reviews do not go to Google reviews. Helps to mitigate bad reviews and allows you as the owner to see how you can help.

Custom Branded Review Form ($150 Value) encourages customer to leave all 3 star and below reviews on this form for easy follow up by customer service and/or staff. This gives you the opportunity to show your customer that you care and would like to help them have a better customer experience. Oftentimes, they will change their view of your establishment just because you reached out to them and offered a way for them to come back and give you another chance to make things better for them.

Email to Admin ($97 Value) alerts manager or owner of low star review. Includes contact info of the individual who left review for easy follow up and feedback. Fosters customer centric culture for your business.

Reviews Setup on Google ($125 Value) if you’re not presently set up on Google Business Profile. Turn people who find you on Google Search and Maps into new customers with a Basic Business Profile ready for you to optimize. This is where your Google reviews show up first.

Up to 30 Review Management Responses per Month ($150 Value) includes a custom “Thank you for your 4 or 5 star review” on your behalf. Encourages customers to refer a friend or family member to your business since they received great value and customer service. Also shows your new customer that you appreciate their great review.

No Setup Fee! ($250 Value) as you might imagine, it takes work to set this up for you on our end. However, for a very limited time, we are waiving any setup fees.

Cancel Anytime Guarantee! I happily expect this program will work for you and bring you fantastic results; however, sometimes, you may not feel the same way. If you are unhappy for any reason, log in to your account and cancel before your next renewal. No contracts, no fuss!

A $1,685 Value
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