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Wait! Do You Want It All Done For YOU?

An Entire Year of Promotions DELIVERED For Your Customers — All Done For You! Watch My Video...

I Get It... You're Busy

The many hats of a small business owner

As a busy business owner…

You know that you should be personally staying in front of your customers daily, weekly, and monthly all year long to build a long-lasting, profitable relationship, an almost impossible task

That is until now.

The resurgence of hybrid print with QR codes is taking big business by storm. This all uses marketing methods that utilize print media with dynamic QR codes.

And now, you have the same opportunity, using your own Dynamic QR Code to be displayed strategically throughout your business.

This is key!

However, what if you could automatically promote instant special offers all year long without having to lift a finger?

And do this while building your own customer marketing list where you’re staying in front of your entire customer base each and every week…

What if you could fill your sales pipeline with hungry buyers for an entire year using a very affordable marketing system? You know, like the ones that big business use on a daily basis.

And the best part is…

It’s all on auto pilot. Here’s how…

Tacos Example
Template 3
Template 4

48 Weeks of Promotionals, Done For you!

That’s right, 48 professionally designed promotional offers automatically sent to your entire customer list… all done for you for an entire year!

That’s nearly one every week for your customers to take advantage of.

Each week, every one of your customers will receive your unique and tantalizing new cool offer that is tied to your promotional calendar.

This is how BIG business does it.

They can afford to.

Now, you can do the same for the first time without breaking the bank.

You could say that we’ve ‘cracked the code’ on making this so affordable that almost any small business can do this.

These are just a small sample of some of the designs we have created. Each one is carefully crafted to engage your customer, driving them to take action on your special offer.

And the best part is…

We have the calendar all figured out.

All you need to do is drop in what you want to promote into each calendar slot… one time for the entire year. That’s it. We do the rest.

Remember that each time a customer scans your QR code to redeem their discount… your list is growing!

And as your customer list grows, so does your bank account by simply staying in front of your customers… constantly reminding them that you’re there.

This works perfectly for all small businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brick & mortar store, shop, warehouse, restaurant, gym, etc. or a service-based business like a roofing company, chiropractor, contractor, lawn care, plumber, HVAC, etc.

Let's Look at an Example

Done For You Promos™ is our unique approach to the problem of staying in front of your customer.

So, for example in January, Week 1, it’s ‘Ring in the New Year with Discounts!’

You simply drop in what you wish to promote for that week and we’ll handle:

  • Completing the design of the QR poster with your offer for display for that week.
  • Designing your email to include your offer for that week.
  • Send a personalized email to each of your customers showing your awesome deal for that week.

For example, say you wanted to offer 20% OFF of one of your best-selling products or services for that week ONLY.

In this case, let’s say that you’re doing 20% off of DeWalt Power Drills:

This of course is just an example for a hardware or tool store. It can be anything you wish… like a free dance lesson for your studio or a free consultation from your law firm, etc.

Now, back to our power drill example…

Your customer responds to his or her email by coming to your business to purchase one of these new power drills.

Once there, they select which model they want…

During checkout, they simply scan your QR poster displayed with your unique QR code near your checkout or in person if you’re a service based business.

The customer immediately receives an email thanking them for coming by and redeeming their 20% Savings today.

They also just joined your email list.

You finish checking them out with great confidence that you will be seeing them again.

Congratulations! You have just grown your list!

Yes, it’s only by one, but herein lies the power of the list…

Each week your list is growing, and as it grows, your customer is receiving your next great offer… week after week.

Sure, he or she may not come in for every unique offer you’re sending to them, but…

They will see your weekly offer and they will notice that you’re sending some pretty cool deals their way. Some of which they cannot afford to pass up.

It's All ABout Customer Retention

…And that’s really what you want, otherwise you’re easily forgotten.

Let’s face it, people have a zillion different things to distract them with.

So you need to stay in front of them.

Sure you could do it with high-cost radio…

Or even our local newspaper, (where readership is at an all time low).

These “shot in the dark” advertising methods are not targeted directly to your customer.

Direct response marketing is different AND as I mentioned before…

This is how BIG business has been killing it for years and continue to do so.

Zeroing In…


It’s 5 times more expensive for you as a business owner to acquire a new customer than it is to have an existing customer return for more of what you sell.

Here’s the thing…

Reminding and promoting stuff to your customer list is time consuming.

And that’s why we developed our Done For You Weekly Package.

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Here's How It Works

It’s really quite simple…

You signup here on our website, (you’re doing that now, just keep reading or click here to go to our checkout page).

Choose whether you wish to pay monthly or save more and go with one annual payment. Either way you get our Cancel Anytime Guarantee! No contracts, no fuss.

We send you our Monthly DFY Calendar, which is where we have taken the time to break down each month and their respective Holidays.

Did you know that their are right at 28 national holidays in a given year?

Of course, not all of them are well known, like National Cookie Day or Gingerbread House Day.

However, that makes this a natural to use these holidays as jumping boards for you to drop in some great offers to celebrate each holiday along the way.

The rest of what we have on the promotional calendar are things such as BOGO’s (buy one, get one at a discount) or,

Giveaways with minimum purchases or,

Instant Coupon discounts or,

New arrival deals, etc.

You simply go through the calendar and fill in what you wish to drop in as a promo for that month supplying us with any need to know details, images, limitations, etc. We have it all covered in the online calendar form. Slick.

Next Up…

Next, we’ll send you a copy of the entire calendar all filled in with your offers for the month or year depending on what you have submitted.

This allows you to double check and verify we have everything the way you want it.

From there, we do all the heavy lifting as mentioned above.

Here’s a recap:


We build a professionally designed QR code poster with your offer for display for that week.

This includes all graphics, layout, printing & testing, delivered to your business where you can proudly display at checkout or if you’re in the service business, personally show it to your customer for them to redeem on the spot.


Then we design and include that graphic in an enticing, action getting email. This includes all layout, personalization and testing to be sure your offer has the highest possible odds of being noticed and opened by your customer.


We send your great offer via email to your growing email list.

We do this for you each and every week.

At the end of each week, we report the stats of how that week’s promo went. Our report shows you:

  • How many emails we have sent out.
  • How many people opened your email offer.
  • How many redemptions there were. (where people came to your business and scanned your QR code for the deal)
  • This is true direct-response marketing!

No guesswork…

No wondering if your marketing is working or not (think radio, newspaper, websites, etc.)

You know every week how your promos are doing and furthermore…

You are growing the most important asset your business can have;

Your customer list!

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Here's what you're going to get:

48 Professionally Designed 8 X 10 Inch Display Posters ($997 Value) Enough for the entire year! These are printed and delivered to your business monthly and include all promos for that month. Use these in high traffic areas or hand them directly to your customers for service type businesses. These show your customer your unique and highly valuable offer you’re doing during this week or promotional period. Note, this includes your own scannable QR code that you previously ordered for your customer to scan for redemption.

48 Professionally Designed Companion Emails ($497 Value) This is how we get the word out to your growing customer list that you’re promoting a brand new offer nearly every week. These highly engaging emails with attention grabbing subject lines get your customers to take action on your valuable offer. Every email contains the matching image of your display poster for easy recognition. Finally, each email has a strong call to action on how they can redeem your awesome offer.

Weekly DFY Calendar List ($397 Value) This calendar list effectively becomes your marketing calendar for these promos for the entire year. It’s laid out in such a way that you just drop in what you want to promote for that holiday or promo period and you’re off and running. We do all the heavy lifting from there.

Email Setup, Sending & Hosting ($497 Value) We setup, send and host everything on our super reliable and secure email hosting platform. This includes properly formatting all email headers, meta data, secure image hosting & alt tags to ensure that your email gets delivered to your customers.

FREE BONUS: 30 Day Rolling Change Window ($97 Value) This allows you to shoot us, via email, any updates, product changes, price changes, new incoming products, etc. that you may need to do up to 30 days before the next months schedule of promos go to print. Super handy if your plans change and you wish to swap out a promo for something completely different. The good news is that you’re not stuck with your whole year of scheduled promos! The only caveat is that you must submit these changes 30 before the next scheduled month.

FREE BONUS: Monthly Success Newsletter (Not for sale anywhere else) sent with your 8×10 Posters. Every month, you’ll receive my exclusive small business success newsletter that highlights best practices to GAIN and RETAIN customers! We cover the latest strategies that are working and how others are deploying these strategies in their businesses. How to measure the success of your email list and much more. This bonus printed newsletter is where you will gain real insight to double, triple or even 10X your growth.

No Setup Fee! As you might imagine, it takes work to set this up for you on our end. However, for this one time offer, we are waiving any setup fees. A $500 Value!

Cancel Anytime Guarantee! I expect this program will work for you and bring you fantastic results; however, sometimes, you may not feel the same way. If you are unhappy for any reason, log in to your account and cancel before your next renewal. Annual pay customers can choose a refund or credit for the remaining months. No contracts, no fuss!