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What Is the most crucial element
You Need to run
your business or service?

A CRS or Customer Retention System
Can Help You Reduce Churn Rate
Turning One Time Customers Into Loyal, Repeat Customers
Who Spend More & Refer Their Friends

The Power of a customer list!

Did you know that…

“Acquiring a new customer is somewhere between 5 and 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.”

Says Amy Gallo of the Harvard Business Review in her article; The Value of Keeping The Right Customers

She said that if you could just increase in keeping in touch with your customer base by just 5% it would bring you an increase in revenue by 25% to 95%!

How’s that for a wonderful raise to yourself anytime you want throughout the year!!

Even Paul McCartney from the Beatles revealed this secret in a recent interview;

“The band enjoyed having money and made jokes — such as, “‘Well, let’s write a swimming pool! You need a new extension, let’s write it. Come on, sit down’” — Paul McCartney

Swimming Pool

Now that is the power of having a customer list (same as a fan base) and using it on a regular basis to give yourself instant raises any time you like throughout the year!

The Beatles understood this powerful truth: if you have a strong fan base, you can write even the silliest of songs and you can increase your revenue, anytime you want!

Why can’t you do the same thing with your customer list?

Do you have a customer list in your business?

Are you using it to stay in front of your customers? Are you using it to give yourself that instant raise…that swimming pool?

And do you have the necessary information to stay in front of them?

All you really need are the basics; name, email and mobile# to start cranking out some amazing content and promotions and see the incredible things that begin to happen!

You may even be thinking, “C’mon, I already do all of this on facebook.”

I guess I would have to respond with some really tough questions…

  • How many of your customers are able to look at facebook anytime they want throughout the day?
  • How many customers don’t even look at facebook for several days in a row or maybe a week or several go by and they missed completely seeing your offer?
  • How many people liked the post you posted today, if you even posted one today?

These may be some hard questions, but you have to be willing to look at the hard truths in order to make positive changes that will increase the balance in your checking account.

What I’m saying is there’s never been anything easier or more affordable for brick and mortar businesses to stay in front of their customers at a moments notice…

That Is Until Now…

Enter, (drumroll please)…

The Customer Keeper! An Amazing All In One Customer Retention System!

What’s better than a facebook post?

How About An Email!

With The Customer Keeper, we’ll import all your customer information into our powerful CRS (Customer Retention System) where you will have everything at your fingertips to send instant promo text messages and emails with the push of a button!

Customer Keeper pg 1


Every single one of your customers has a mobile phone, I’ll bet you could almost guarantee it!

And now your customers will never miss one of your special promotions ever again!

Remember in the article quoted above from the Harvard Business Review? If you could increase information (marketing information) to your customer base by just 5%, it has the potential to Increase Your Revenue 25% to 95%!

What would that mean in your life right now?

How about getting a swimming pool of your own, like Paul McCartney? Is there some debt you could you pay off? Maybe even updating your home or business with some new furniture or even the latest technology?

What are some of the dreams you have that you would like to make happen, Today?

Is there a vacation you’ve been wanting to take? What about an exotic country you have always wanted to visit? Or even just cruising around our own beautiful Country?

With the Customer Keeper, you can effortlessly put together both a text and an email and send it to your entire customer list with just the push of a button!

Now you have real power readily available in order to reach your entire customer list at one time verses an inconspicuous facebook post they will most likely miss!

You can Text Blast some new product that’s just come in, or how about an old product that you really want to push to get out and get sold!

By offering your amazing deals right where your customer base lives, on their phone, by how much more could you increase your revenue?

You may be asking; “What if I don’t have this information about each of my customers?”

Well, Hakuna Matata, we’ve got you covered!

QR Code CardWe also provide a well designed 5 x 7 QR Code Card that sits right at your checkout counter ready for your customers to scan and enter their name, email and mobile # to join your Exclusive List (or call it whatever you like, i.e. Discount Club, Membership List, etc.) enticing them to share their personal information in exchange for your special offer!

Then let the Customer Keeper take care of the rest. (Well, you still have to enter your deals, lol, it doesn’t know quite yet how to read your mind!)

Old El PasoYou enter your promo information; your special deals once and done. You aren’t allowed too many characters with texting anyway…say it short and sweet what your promo is and that’s it.

If you do want more room though, you have the option of putting together an email along with your text blast adding greater depth to your offer.

You can also load images into your email as well, giving your audience an even closer look at the special deal you’re offering.

And what if you were to do this each and every week!

Isn’t this how BIG business does it?

They can afford to.

And now, you can too for the first time without breaking the bank.

You could say that we’ve ‘cracked the code’ on making this so affordable that almost any small business can do this.

And the best part is…

It’s all inclusive. You Get:


  • A Dedicated Page with your logo and colors plus your own secure login and password.
  • Your Own Dashboard with everything you need at your fingertips.
  • The Text Blaster when you want to promote via text message. You even get your own dedicated text number!
  • The Email Composer, where it’s drop dead easy to formulate your email and add in an image.
  • The Calendar Scheduler to add the dates and times you want your messages to go out and…

Voila! It instantly sends to your entire customer list!

You can also segment your customers based on their preferences and how they have purchased from you in the past.

Once segmenting and tagging are done, you can send out different promos to different customers all on the same day!

And remember that each time a customer checks out and scans your QR code to redeem their discount… your list is GROWING!

The best part is, that as your customer list grows, so does your bank account by simply staying in front of your customers… constantly reminding them that you’re there.

This works perfectly for all small businesses. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a brick & mortar store, shop, warehouse, restaurant, gym, etc. or a service-based business like a roofing company, chiropractor, contractor, lawn care, plumber, HVAC, etc.

Whatever your business, The Customer Keeper will help you Retain Customers and streamline your systems!

Let's Look at an Example

A Text Blast From Maurices

Maurices text messageThis is a screenshot from my wife’s phone. She was in Maurices one day making a purchase and the sales lady asked her if she’d like to receive $5 off her purchase by just signing up for their exclusive deals that will be sent directly to her phone?

Of course she said yes, she loves Maurices! And your customers feel the same way about you! They will jump at the chance to get special offers from YOU!

And why should the BIG Boys get all the fun anyway?

Big Box Stores both online and offline take advantage of this type of marketing everyday to their customer base.

Isn’t it about time you took advantage of the tools that are now available to you, so you can use them with yours?

Don’t you think that the Maurices and Papa Murphy’s and the literally hundreds of businesses large and small who use this type of marketing understand the power of the list?

Your Customer List is the most important and most powerful asset that you own!

More than your products or services, more than your warehouse or building or wherever you ‘do business.’

Your Customers are the reason you went into business in the first place. They are YOUR FANS! Just like the Beatles had fans, a following, a tribe.

Your customers visit your place of establishment because you have something that they want. Isn’t it time to elevate them to their proper status by rewarding them for being faithful followers?

Because without them, where would you be?

Even in a small town, it wouldn’t take much to get replaced.

If someone else were to open up another you and treated your customers like a fan base, how long would you be able to retain your customers, doing your same old, same old facebook post?

You may be asking, (hopefully),”How do I elevate my customers?

By promoting to them! Make them feel special and that you care about them and that you are grateful for them by offering your special discounts and deals!

This not only keeps them coming back for more, but it’s the best way of saying thank you; “thank you for patronizing my establishment above someone else’s” and “thank you for allowing me to make an income doing what I love to do.”

Believe it or not, if facebook has taught us anything, it’s that our society craves to be communicated with, adored and held in the highest esteem!

The more you reach out to your customers, your ‘fan base,’ the more loyal and dedicated to your business or service they become.

Now you can have great confidence that you will be seeing them again.

Congratulations! You have just GROWN your customer list!

Yes, it may only be by one, but herein lies the power of the list…

Each day, week, month and year your list is growing, and as it grows, your customers are receiving your next great offer… week after week.

Sure, they may not come in for every unique offer you’re sending to them, but as another side benefit: they will start referring your great deals to their friends!

They will share your weekly offer, growing your list in exponential ways and they will all recognize that you’re sending some pretty cool deals.

Most of which will be too irresistible to pass up!

It's All ABout Customer Retention

…And that’s really what the Customer Keeper is all about, otherwise you’re easily forgotten.

Let’s face it, people have a zillion different things that distract them.

And with some people who have the attention span of a goldfish, (which is nine seconds), you need to stay in front of them.

Sure you could do it with high-cost radio…

Or even our local newspaper, (where readership is at an all time low).

These “shot in the dark” advertising methods are not targeted directly to your customer.

Personal promotional marketing is different AND as I mentioned before…

This is how BIG business has been killing it for years and continue to do so.

Zeroing In…

Remember, it’s 5 – 25 times more expensive for you as a business owner to acquire a new customer than it is to have an existing customer return for more of what you sell.

Here’s the thing…

If you don’t stay in front of your customers, they will at some point look elsewhere for what you could have been providing for them all along.

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And If This isn't enough...

We also have an Incredible BONUS you simply must not be without in your CRS…

A Choice Between Two Amazing Customer Retention Systems In Their Own Right!


Bonus Option #1 Real Reviews: An Automated Review Request System which automatically reaches out to your customer for a review!

Imagine, no more freezing up in front of your customer, trying to ask them to leave a review!

These Reviews are added to your very own Google Business Profile, (which we also provide) where all your reviews live in one place giving you instant credibility with your target market!

Each time a customer scans your QR Code Card, they are immediately sent a Review Request via a text message.

This is an automated message which is strategically sent to them via text and email in a sequence of hours and days, asking them to review their purchase and their experience, (and keep in mind, customers are more likely to leave a review for a bounce back offer, ie, “For another $5 off coupon, please leave a review!”)

We also provide a Split Review System which automatically redirects customers on all 3-star and below reviews to your own Custom Review Form for feedback and follow-up by your business.

These low-star reviews do not go to Google, helping to mitigate negative remarks. This keeps your Google Business Profile clean with only 4 and 5 star reviews!

We Build A Custom Review Form encouraging customers to leave all 3 star and below reviews on this form for easy follow up by customer service staff and / or manager.

Up to 30 Review Management Responses per Month Includes a custom “Thank you for your 4 or 5 star review” on your behalf, showing your new customer that you treasure their great review. This can also include a bounce back offer expressing even greater appreciation.

No Setup Fee! As you might imagine, it takes work to set this up for you on our end. However, when you choose either Bonus along with the Customer Keeper, we waive all setup fees!

OR You Can Choose:

Bonus Option #2 Referral Generator: Automatically Incentivizing Your Current Customers for Referrals!

What’s Better Than Ice Cream?

How about new customers that walk through your door without paid advertising!

That’s the power of our Referral Generator! Generating new customers through the accolades of your current ones!

Turn Every Customer Into 2 or More!

Here again, with the Referral Generator, referral requests are automatically made via strategic sequencing through text and email.

We’ll build a Unique Customer Referral Form with your logo and colors.

With this form, your current customer fills in their information along with the information of someone they know.

And again, what is found to be most effective is offering something similar to your original offer in exchange for the information of their friend or family member, (this is their personal information they are willing to share in exchange for something else you offer).

Remember to be generous, the cost to acquire this new customer information will cost you way less than paid advertising ever will. And the lifetime value this new customer brings will be far greater than your simple giveaway!

Each time a customer refers someone to your business, you’ll receive an instant email notification so you can follow up with your new referral and turn them into a paying customer inviting them in with your unique QR Code Offer.

These two systems are normally $497 a year on their own and you get to choose one, absolutely FREE when you pay annually for the Customer Keeper!

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Get The Customer Keeper and The Bonus Offer of Your Choice...

Have You Started To See Your Business Come Alive?

Is your imagination beginning to be lit up?

Are you starting to think of different promo ideas that would work well for your business and the excited reactions your customers will have getting text blasts from you?

Visualization is a powerful technique to making things happen!

If you feel yourself getting inspired about how the Customer Keeper, working in concert with either Real Reviews or the Referral Generator will skyrocket your income, then let’s keep going with the Other BONUSES we provide…

In Addition to Bonus #1 either Real Reviews or the Referral Generator

How About…Bonus #2: 

Holiday Templates so you can jumpstart creating unique offers and deals during peak buying periods throughout the year!

In fact, did you know that there are right about 28 national holidays in a given year, give or take a few?

Of course, not all of them are well known, like National Cookie Day or Gingerbread House Day! What fun promo offers can you come up with to go along with these sweet holidays?

Using the holiday templates makes it easy and natural as jumping off points for you to drop in some great offers of your own to celebrate each special day.

Next Up Bonus #3: 

Promotional Email Templates. These templates are also inspiring, giving you ideas to start coming up with your very own one of a kind offers.

Things like BOGO’s (buy one get one, or buy one get one at a discount) or..

Giveaways with minimum purchases..

Instant Coupon discounts..

New arrival deals and many more. Let your mind go crazy wild!

You simply go through the emails and fill in what you wish to drop in as a promo for that week and include any extra details, images, limitations, etc.

We have it all covered with our huge stack of Bonus Holiday and Promotional Email Templates. Slick.

Next Up…

Each of these templates are also what will inspire you for the text blasts you’ll use in conjunction with the emails, or not, that’s totally up to you.

Text Blasting can be used completely on its own!

However, let the emails be your springboard and then if you only want to do text blasting, the emails gives you a place to start.

You’re limited with the number of characters you can use in a text, so the emails will help you short stack your words & ideas for your promos.

The templates can also be used to help you to figure out what you are going to need to have on hand for fulfilling your promotions.

Use the template emails as your own workspace to formulate all your ideas in one dashboard making it so easy to then drop your offers into text blasts.

Here’s a recap of how it works:


We build a professionally designed 8 x 10 or 5 x 7 (or both) QR Code Card with the offer of your choice: a $5 off coupon, a percent discount of your choice (10, 20, 30% off etc), a bogo offer (buy one get one free or 50% off second item), free food, free dessert, free socks with purchase of shoes, for example.

This QR Code Card is then delivered to your business where you can proudly display at checkout or if you’re in the service business, personally show it to your customers for them to redeem on the spot.

In order to see the best and fastest results possible, make sure that whatever you wish to giveaway is something your customers will feel is of enough value that they are willing to part with their personal information.


When they scan your QR Code Card for their discount, they are excited to give you their name, email and mobile# in exchange for your great offer!

This is how your customer list grows and gets automatically updated into your very own Customer Retention System: the Customer Keeper!

All of their infomation is automatically updated into the Customer Keeper in one central location where all you need to do is login. No More Manual Entry!

Now you are ready to start sending some great offers via text and email to your growing customer list and watch your sales begin to soar!


You also have analytics at your fingertips too! At the end of each week, you can login to your dashboard and see the report stats of how that week’s promo went. This report shows:

  • How many text blasts and emails you sent out.
  • How many people opened your emails.
  • How many redemptions there were (people who came to your business and made a purchase based on your offer!)
  • This is true direct-response marketing!

No More Guessing…

No more wondering if your marketing is working or not (think radio, newspaper, websites, etc.)

You know every week how your promos are doing and furthermore…

You are growing the most important asset your business can have:

Your Customer List!

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Here's what you're going to get:

Professionally Designed 8 x 10 or 5 x 7 Inch QR Code Card (or both) ($297 Value) Printed and delivered to your business which includes your Promo Offer to grow your customer list. This will also include your logo and colors for you branding. You will be proud to display this QR Code Card near your checkout area allowing your customers to see the amazing offer you wish to giveaway in exchange for their name, email address and mobile#. We can also send you the digital version of the QR Code Card to give easy access to your offer for service type businesses. These show your customers your unique and highly valuable offer. Note, this includes your own scannable QR code for your customers to scan for redemption.

Easy To Use Forms ($197 Value) Online forms are used throughout the Customer Keeper. This is how information is gathered in an easy to use online format. There is a form that you will fill in to tell us what your unique QR Code Card offer is so we can create your card. Forms are also used for your customers to fill in their name, email and mobile# when scanning your QR Code Card growing your list. This form is personally branded with your logo and colors, ensuring a great customer experience. Forms are also used for the Text Blaster, Real Reviews and Referral Generator. These forms make it easy for both you and your customers to fill in with all the necessary information to quickly and easily create your special offers and grow your customer list!

Texting Setup With Dedicated Number ($297 Value) We setup everything you need to be able to send text blasting promos on the fly or schedule them in advance! Your own dedicated number is secure and ready to go to send your amazing offers to all your mobile customers!

Email Setup & Hosting ($297 Value) We setup and host everything on our super reliable and secure email hosting platform. Your email platform is ready when you are to quickly add your special offers and upload images giving greater depth when used in conjunction with your text blast offers. Easy to schedule in advance for automated delivery!

Additional Bonuses: Holiday & Promotional Template Emails ($397 Value) This is how you get the word out to your growing customer list that you’re promoting a brand new offer nearly every week. These highly engaging email templates with attention grabbing subject lines get your customers to take action on your valuable offer. Additionally, each email has a strong call to action example that you can easily adapt to each one of your exclusive and awesome offers. They also explain to your customer what they need to do in order to redeem your great deal. These templates are easy to replace the text with your own promotion in order to make them uniquely yours!

FREE BONUS: Real Reviews or Referral Generator ($497 Value) This FREE BONUS is included with an annual purchase of the Customer Keeper! Each one in its own right is a valuable CRS! Automatically get reviews or customer referrals, whichever you choose. Imagine increasing your customer reviews as you grow your customer list when you choose Real Reviews! Or grow your list even faster with the Referral Generator! Either plan you choose, you will increase your customer awareness to your awesomeness and grow your customer list! There is so much more you get with either one of these Amazing Bonuses that there isn’t room here to write it all out!

No Setup Fee! As you might imagine, it takes work to set this up for you on our end. However, for this one time offer, we are waiving any setup fees. A $500 Value!

Cancel Anytime Guarantee! I have every happy expectation this program will work for you and bring you fantastic results! However, sometimes, you may not feel the same way. If you are unhappy for any reason, log in to your account and cancel before your next renewal date. No contracts, no fuss!