The Electronic Brochure

“Your website is dead.”

The first time I heard this I was listening to a podcast from Russell Brunson.

My heart sank because I knew what he was saying. I’ve been building websites since 1996 and I agree that websites by and large are nothing more than an electronic brochure pasted on the web. No trust building. No journey of discovery & learning. No clear action path that allows the visitor to get to know the key characters, their unique culture, product & service offerings, the tribe and finally… the movement or cause.

website is dead
marketing hub of trust

The Marketing Hub

What if we flipped this around and used a website as a marketing hub?

More like a directory of unique services coupled with an ascending value stack.

So in essence, a marketing hub is built to tell the story of the founder, leader or CEO and the core services (nestled within).

Each core offer leads with a strong call to action or customer magnet. Each of these core services are in ascending value order beginning with free resources and ending with the most expensive and highly valued flagship product or service.

So it’s more like the visitor is being taken on a journey of discovery about who, what, when and how the marketing hub can help him or her achieve their most desired outcomes.

Us Vs. Them

What We do...

Build and Implement Sales Frameworks That Work — Online & Offline

Systemize Client, Customer & Patient Acquisition With a Predictable Flow

Implement a System That Turns Every Customer Into Two Customers

Create a System That Brings Repeatable Business

Ultimately, We Help You Build a Sales System Giving You More Time & Financial Freedom

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What WE don't Do...

Build Dead Brochure Websites That Don’t Work

Run Expensive Ad Campaigns That Burns Through Cash

Build Out Slow SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Campaigns

Ignore The Power of Relationship Marketing

Market Without a Well Designed Sales System in Place

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Are These Lies Holding You Back?

LIE #1 — Direct Response Marketing is Dead

One of the biggest misconceptions about direct response marketing is that it is nothing more than direct mail marketing. When in fact, direct response marketing is the fastest growing marketing method employed by thousands of successful small businesses today. You just need the right method & know how to pull it off.

direct mail

LIE #2 — Build It and They Will Come

This goes back to the idea of the awesome chef that opens her own restaurant and believes that her great and tasty food dishes, expertly prepared and served will bring people from all over to her newly opened restaurant. With rare exception, this is a common false belief and eventually leads to a closed business.


LIE #3 — Advertising Fixes Everything

In walks the radio station rep and busily pitches me on what my next month’s ad budget should be for the local radio station. The same could be said for the local newspaper representative. I used to buy these ad packages for my local business, until I realized I was marketing to the wrong people. Not a lot of targeting here vs. knowing WHO my ideal customer is, WHERE they are and WHAT they really want from our business. Tragic. Conversely, well placed and targeted advertising to my ideal customer can change everything.


LIE #4 — Where’s the Follow-up?

My wife and I go and try out a new restaurant. The food and service was actually pretty good. Prices seemed pretty average, no complaints… except for one. We really have no reason to return and so we probably won’t. What a bummer. All that was needed was a little follow up. They put zero effort into making sure we return. No getting our name, phone, or email. Not even a bounce-back coupon. A tragic and costly mistake.

LIE #5 — You Don’t Need a Marketing System

Unfortunately, this is one of the largest, most widely spread falsehoods in business… marketing without a system. I was in the web design business. You may be in the restaurant business. You may be a chiropractor or a dentist or even a plumber. In my experience, we all have one thing in common, at the end of the day, we are all in the relationship business and that is why we need a well oiled marketing system. 

marketing system

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Funnel #4

My Manifesto

  • I am focused on building and boosting your revenue.
  • I am are ready to take action and willing to accept responsibility.
  • I am are committed to results. I am not concerned about how the other guys do it or tradition. Your results matter more.
  • I am are bold enough to push the limits in order to create a better reality.
  • I do not need handouts or shortcuts... but I do love hacking success patterns for our client.
  • I want more than just your business. I value our working relationship the most.
  • I am committed to building a business with you that matters.
  • A purpose driven business. A business driven by passion.
  • I am committed to rise up and live with abundance and energy daily.
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