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I help small business owners get and keep more customers with less stress, own their marketing system and achieve six-figure incomes.

we've been setup to fail

We've All Been Setup to Fail

Yes, it’s true. The little marketing education you and I received as business owners from school, mentors and self study amount to a fraction of what’s needed to thrive in our own businesses. Even highly educated MBA’s typically fail to deliver “real-world”, bottom-line results when put to the test of running a highly competitive business. I learned this from Dan Kennedy some years back and revisited these startling stats that he recently shared:

  • 1% create tremendous incomes and wealth
  • 4% do very well
  • 15% earn good livings
  • 60% struggle endlessly
  • 20% fail

It follows Pareto’s Principle of 80/20. 80% do poorly and 20% succeed. Ouch.

The Advertising Myth

Continuing on… most of us as business owners figure that advertising will fix our problems. We throw the mud on the wall in great hope. The expense of which grows staggering… as the results diminish. The mistake is that we think we can jump into the media fray since “everyone else is doing it.” While that may work for BIG business where they are appeasing their board of directors, stock holders, building brand identity and finally selling something… our real need is only ONE thing: Sell something NOW!

We somehow think that we can simply model the ‘everyone else’ approach since it appears it’s working for them. Here’s the real problem: Most entrepreneurs and business owners are clueless when it comes to advertising and marketing. We become “Advertising Victims” as prey for media sales people, ad agencies and anyone else who doesn’t know how to close deals and make sales.

The proof is there. Next time you have an opportunity to ask a business owner, in confidence, just where his customers and sales come from, the cost to acquire that customer, the difference or result from one ad vs. another… he will most likely struggle to honestly tell you. It truly is a tragic story of struggle, instead of the wonderful, fulfilling success stories our businesses should be.

radio or newspaper advertising

A New Unique Approach

What if you used a completely new approach that magnetically attracts customers, clients and/or patients? Rather than throwing mud on the wall to an entire listening (or rather a non-listening) audience, we instead only target the hungry crowd that WANTS our product or service?

Here’s where a properly executed marketing SYSTEM comes into play. This system can be quite simple, with the key ingredients focused on these three key areas:

  1. Lead generation — the 24/7 ongoing acquisition of qualified leads for your business, minus the budget busting pain of ever increasing ad costs.
  2. Conversion — taking those leads and systematically converting them into paying customers, clients or patients.
  3. Retention/Referral — keeping your customer base intact, informed and excitingly generating new leads based on referrals.

What would that look like to you? I know what it looks like for me… but it wasn’t until more recently that I actually put into place this marketing system. The predictability is what excites me the most.

Well, almost… what excites me just as much or more is the VALUE that I can add to my clients through this proven & different approach.

We’re talking about taking a normal business and boosting revenue by architecting, creating and installing a sales funnel system… that can achieve up to 10X results without increasing a dime in ad spend. Would you like to know just how that approach works for your business?

What others are saying...

  • Zane has been taking great care of us for years.

    My son and I own a successful chiropractic center. Zane has been taking great care of us for years. We would highly recommend his services, it is money well spent with a personalized touch you cannot find anywhere else.

  • Zane did a fantastic job of setting up our review system.

    Zane did a fantastic job of setting up our review system so that I could easily get consistent reviews. It's made all the difference in keeping a steady flow of customers for our carpet cleaning business.

  • Happy with the professional look and feel of our new site.

    Zane worked quickly to get us a new, mobile responsive website setup and ready to go. Happy with the professional look and feel of our new website and his support after the sale.

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