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I’m on your side.

Little did I know when I opened my first auto parts store in 1982 that I would one day be using the skills I learned early on as an entrepreneur to open my small business marketing agency!

You might ask, “Zane, what do auto parts stores and a marketing agency have in common?” My answer would be, “They both need to have a system to get customers and one to keep customers, or they die a slow, cruel and expensive death!”

Sadly, only 13% of traditional small businesses have both systems optimized. It’s not your fault. Conventional “brick and mortar” and other “in-person service businesses” have been at a distinct disadvantage when marketing offline in an increasingly online world.

You can change all that with a SYSTEM. I can help you discover your unique customer acquisition system that will pull in new customers over and over while bringing them back for more. It’s magical and simplistic in almost all cases.


I Believe...

The world is full of abundance, I see the good and make it mine to know that in order to truly be happy, I must share whatever good I have with others…

That the key to success and happiness is not by competing on price but by providing more value and service than the other guy…

That being paid for the value you provide is paramount, not just on the hours you perform…

That our own experiences happen for us, not to us and provide the remedies for finding solutions to our problems…

In helping others achieve their goals and that in doing so, I am more able to achieve my own.

How I Broke Through False Beliefs...

False Belief #1 — Expensive ad spend…

I had to come to the realization some time ago, that neither you or I are going to compete with the big box brands, with crazy high-end ad budgets, to drive traffic to our online or bricks & mortar stores.

Instead, we needed to focus on relationship marketing, understanding what our ideal client wants and building our tribes through a targeted response marketing ‘system’. 

86% of small businesses in the United States do not have a real marketing system in place and we all suffer because of it.

My mission is to change that through easy to implement, simple sales systems for any small business looking for sustainable, measurable growth.

False Belief #2 — The BIG LIE… the lowest price always wins.

Coming from years in the auto parts industry, where profit margins were razor thin and price cutting was common… what it taught me is that it’s really a race to the bottom. There will always be a willing competitor to beat us on price alone. What I’ve come to realize, and I hope you do as well, is that we need to provide the most value to win long lasting customers and clients.

What has worked for me, is simply called value stacking.

In my experience, earning a new customer or retaining a loyal one has never come down to being the lowest price around, but by always asking myself, how can I best serve them and provide the most value?

False Belief #3 — The BIG Sale… will fix our sales & revenue problem.

I was in a sales meeting once where the CEO was sold on this dogma. It’s common to think that the next big sale will fix revenue targets, but it’s quite another to believe that this will be sustainable in the long run. This solar company is now out of business, along with many others who fall prey to this false belief.

What I found out is that we’re all in the relationship business. Even though I am in the marketing space as my profession or skill… at the end of the day, I’m really in the relationship business. And in order to build solid long lasting business relationships, I need to connect, I need and want to understand you and your desired outcome.

False Belief #4 — My Prices will be too high… if I try and raise my profit margins.

This false belief may actually be true IF all you do is raise prices and don’t provide additional value, which is what many small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals attempt to do.

In an ever increasingly competitive environment coupled with inflation, I have found that the best way to beat these mind numbing pressures is to provide an irresistible offer. An offer that is so good, that it really would be to your detriment to pass up.

The trick or challenge is to come up with an irresistible offer… especially if you have a product or service that has been commoditized and seems to be the same widget or service (think lawn mowing) no matter where one shops for these goods and services.

So for me, having a framework to run a product or service through to maximize the value that it could bring, is essential. From there, I can value stack it in such as way that it now becomes a new, innovative service… and here’s the kicker, this new service is so valuable, so unique that it has no competition and that is the key to the kingdom.

False Belief #5 — I can just work harder and put in more hours… and I’ll achieve 10x growth and have the business that I always dreamed of.

That was me, years ago in my auto parts business. I worked tirelessly, 7 days a week, wearing all the hats of a typical small business owner. Literally, I thought that I could sustain this long enough that I would reach my sales goals for the business.

Here’s what I found. My family, my kids, my recreational life or any remnant thereof, was non existent. As you might imagine, this didn’t end well. This was one of my greatest regrets and a huge, painful teaching lesson over time.

Some years ago, I read the 4 Hour Work Week and The E-Myth. For the first time, I understood the power of leverage and about replacing yourself in your business. Game changing would be an understatement.

But the real value came more recently on how to increase average transaction size. Some people call this average order value or AOV. Yes, proper value stacking does just that… however, there is a right way and a wrong way to achieve AOV. Learning this valuable approach has helped me immensely.


You’re not in the “product or service” business… you’re in the marketing of the “product or service” business.

Who Is

Zane Winberg?

Over the past 22 years, Zane has become an accomplished self-taught entrepreneur with real, hard-earned skills in the web marketing industry. He has been the mastermind behind 8 different businesses and uses that experience and expertise with every client he works with.

Zane maintains that having a great relationship with the people you work with is the key to success. He believes that bricks and mortar stores as well as service providers are the backbone of this great country. He feels that without them, our world as we know it would literally collapse! He sees the war on small business and wants to help owners thrive…

Early Life

Zane was born in Logan, Utah on November 10, 1960.

At a very early age Zane was always fascinated with the way things worked and so at 13 years old, he took apart the engine of his Dad’s new CJ-5 Jeep. His Dad came home from work and saw parts all over the concrete and was not impressed. Zane told him he knew how to make it run stronger and faster with some aftermarket parts. He ended up installing a set of Clifford Research headers, Offenhauser intake manifold and an aftermarket carburetor that his Dad finally agreed to buy. Zane put it all back together and his Dad loved how it sounded along with the extra power.

Zane has been a strong automotive enthusiast throughout his life owning fast cars, modified mud trucks, turbocharged snowmobiles and Jeeps. He says he’s grateful he’s alive today to tell the tales!

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Early Zane


In 1981, Zane moved to Bridger Valley, Wyoming. At only 21 years of age, he opened his first auto parts store. In 1984, he opened a second store in Evanston. Zane was in the parts business while raising a family for 14 years. In 1988 the two stores grossed $1.1M in sales.

In January of 2000, Zane opened his own web design agency and became a web technologist for an oil analysis company. Zane is a self-taught entrepreneur. He also attended Western Wyoming College for small business management. He still continues to read, study, learn and apply his knowledge each and every day, always seeking to find new and more innovative ways to bring higher value and efficiency.

Today, Zane’s passion is all about getting back to his business roots. Which for him is in the offline world of traditional bricks and mortar or service businesses. He strongly believes that innovation drives revenue for traditional businesses by using a ‘hybrid approach’. This equates to leveraging a mix of online automations into offline business… and this is the new opportunity for these companies to continue to grow, succeed and thrive in their communities.

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Personal Life

Between the years of 1982-1993, Zane became a Dad to 4 boys and 1 girl. They are his pride and joy!

In 2006, Zane finally got to marry Jill, the girl he fell in love with the summer after graduating high school. They met in the summer of 1979. Jill was from Texas and Zane grew up in Utah. At the end of a summer romance, Zane & Jill had to go their separate ways. After 25 years, Jill found Zane again on the Internet and they married two years later.

Between the two of them, they have 7 boys, 2 girls and 12 grandchildren spread-out between California, Wyoming and Texas. They are their greatest Joy!

Zane loves Jeeping, exploring and camping in the mountains along with road tripping around this great country to see family and stay in close contact with grandchildren.

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